Work 1 01

Requirement Analysis
& Idea Validation

Our concept workshop is basically a 1 or 2-day session to refine your idea and find any breaking points by testing against market fit, target audience and real world problem benchmarks. The results also form the basis of our cost/time estimate to deliver your project and identifying key points for the marketing & user acquisition strategy.

Work 1 02

Wireframes/UX Design

Once we know the audience and the project goals we set, it’s time to create the UX designs that will define how the user interacts with the app. A clean design with focus on ease of use ensures a great experience for the end user.

Work 1 03


Our team of 80+ has developers are the best in the technologies they work with. This is ensured by our solid recruitment process and filtering boot camp that all candidates attend. There is no substitute for a well-functioning and reliable app and our QA team ensures that the final product is ready for release on time.

Work 1 04

Launch – Analytics & Metrics

Throughout the process we emphasise how important data is. With analytics and metrics, we understand how the users interact with your app to improve and polish the features. This will help us understand the trends and provide information on maximising the revenue from the app.

Work 1 05

Post Launch –
Growth Hacking &
User Acquisition

Post launch support is very important. With all the data you will have ideas on to improve your app. The marketing and growth strategy needs to kick in and a consistent user acquisition & retention cycle starts.

Looking for Growth?
Be Lean & Agile!


-   Individuals & Interactions over processes & tools

-   Working software over comprehensive documentation

-   Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

-   Responding to change over a plan  ”

From the Agile Manifesto –

Project Completed 100+


Client Satisfaction 50+

Super Satisfied

Developer & Designer 80+

& Designers

Location Around World 4+

Locations around
the world


Our clients

  • Landmark
  • NAFL
  • Eitemad
  • Artica
  • Marina Recurter
  • Promate
  • MIA
  • Future Way
  • Oliserve
  • protocol
  • dubai-government
  • CPI
  • ZU

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